10 Steps for Creating a Marketing Plan [Template Included]

Last updated 3/19/20

Download my template and instantly create a marketing plan.

1) Provide a brief overview of your product

What is being sold? Who is buying it? Why are they buying it?

Example: Selling hammers to construction workers who use them to build houses.

What is the unique value proposition?

What makes your product unique? Why would someone buy your product over another product?

2) Identify your target market

For each audience, identify the following:


Create a two to three sentence description of your audience referencing factors such as their interests, lifestyle, and habits.


What challenges does this audience experience that your product addresses?


What does this audience value when shopping for a product you offer?

3) Identify competitors

For each main competitor, identify the following:

Unique selling proposition(s)

What makes their product unique? Why would someone buy their product over another product?

4) What does the marketing ecosystem look like?

What are all the ways someone could experience your marketing? This can include your website, organic search, paid search, display, the list can go on for a while…

5) What are your marketing goals?

Define each goal and the success criteria.

6) What are your marketing initiatives?

What are the initiatives that will help you achieve those goals? Examples include website updates, social media channel launches, and market research.

7) What is your budget?

In terms of time and money.

8) Who are the marketing stakeholders?

Who will be involved in the marketing initiatives above?

9) What resources can help achieve the marketing goals?

What are other resources someone can use to accomplish the marketing goals above?

10) Revisit and revise on a consistent basis

You do not need to read through the entire marketing plan every week. However, I recommend reviewing at least the marketing goals and initiatives portion weekly to maintain focus.

Now go make the world a better place!

A marketing plan allows you to accomplish more with less effort from your team. The effort reduction contributes to a calm working environment providing more enjoyment inside and outside of work.